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DIY Unicorn Gift Bags

Easy Unicorn Gift Bags
Anna Lynn is turning 6 and is super excited about the Unicorn themed party! I know every little girl is using the same theme for the past few years, but Anna hasn't had a chance yet. Last year the theme was Tea Party so we couldn't possibly do Unicorn. But this is the year she finally gets her way. So the DIY girl in me decided to make our Gift Bags this year. Now we aren't having your usual birthday party. We are doing a walk in party at Mr. Gatti's. For those who don't know what that is, it's a kind of arcade place with a pizza buffet. At the end of the arcade gaming, you can use your points to pick out prizes. I thought that these bags could double as not only a party favor, but as a bag for all the kids to keep up with there, let's face it, junkie toys.

What you will need:
I bought everything I needed at Hobby Lobby for about $30 and had tons leftover! A few things I had on hand.
white gift bagsMod Podgepaint brushglitter card stock (…

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